Global Beta offers a number of simple investment solutions to our product offerings for each type of investor:


Retail Investor:    This category of investors are single investors that want to open a brokerage account and make direct investments on their own without a financial advisor intermediary controlling their assets.  Global Beta offers a simple solution for these investors.  Global Beta currently offers their products on Interactive Brokers’ investment platform.


Institutional Investor:   This category of investors are corporations, endowments, or pension funds that are interested in low cost investment solutions.  Global Beta offers an easy solution to those investors.  Global Beta networks with several banks around the world into their order management system.


Independent Investment Advisor:   This category of investors are those who have set up their own investment advisory firm and are trying to grow their client base.  These investors are highly sophisticated but their resources may be tight with a strong need to spend time soliciting clients and spending time with current clients.