J.R. Rieger of the Rieger Report Interview of Justin Lowry

J.R. Rieger of the Rieger Report recently interviewed Justin Lowry, President & Chief Investment Officer, of Global Beta Advisors, regarding the current market for yield, how dividends can enhance investors’ income in their portfolio, and identifying the different types of equity dividend strategies.

Hear from Justin Lowry, President & Chief Investment Officer, Global Beta Advisors, as he discusses how to generate income in a low rate environment with Martin Plachko, CIMA, Partner and Head of Distribution at Impact Consulting & Distribution.

Hear from Vince Lowry, Chief Executive Officer of Global Beta Advisors, as he speaks with Fox News Business Hosts, Maria Bartiromo, regarding the markets and his perspective and insight into how price-to-sales and valuations need to be considered during this

Free On-Demand Webinar: Harnessing The Power Of Price-To-Sales

Listen to Vince Lowry, Global Beta Advisor’s CEO, as he shares his insights and perspectives in this informative webinar on using price-to-sales ratios to predict future stock returns. Along with David Armstrong, editor-in-chief of Wealthmanagement.com, Lowry discusses the power of evaluating investments based on price-to-sales multiples, associated research illustrating the correlation between price-to-sales and future returns, and why companies with high price-to-sales multiples must grow their revenues at an exponential rate compared to the rest of the market.

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