The Efficacy of Sales Growth

Factor investing has become an important theme for investing. It allows an investor to determine what parts of their investments are driving return. It’s not only important to determine what is driving your investment return but how you are obtaining a particular factor exposure. Growth is a critical factor when investing. It can be challenging to identify growth within the market, especially without overpaying for it. There are several investment tools available for investors to gain exposure to growth. There are actively managed strategies that utilize…

“Don’t fight the fed” and “Don’t fight the tape” are expressions that have echoed from market professionals throughout the second quarter of this year. This has resulted in bubbling valuations in certain parts of the market. The second quarter has

Free On-Demand Webinar: Harnessing The Power Of Price-To-Sales

Listen to Vince Lowry, Global Beta Advisor’s CEO, as he shares his insights and perspectives in this informative webinar on using price-to-sales ratios to predict future stock returns. Along with David Armstrong, editor-in-chief of, Lowry discusses the power of evaluating investments based on price-to-sales multiples, associated research illustrating the correlation between price-to-sales and future returns, and why companies with high price-to-sales multiples must grow their revenues at an exponential rate compared to the rest of the market.

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Have you found yourself wondering how the volatility of recent months has affected the prices of exchange-traded funds, and more importantly how this impacts your client’s portfolios? While actual value and current prices are generally pretty close when markets are

Prior to the global health pandemic that has taken financial markets by storm, investing over the past decade had effectively been on autopilot with broad market indexes setting new highs constantly over that time. Since the market bottomed from

Systematic value investors face a lot of options when deciding which value metric they should utilize when constructing their portfolios. Unfortunately, common valuation metrics such as price-to-earnings (or the PE ratio) are prone to inaccuracies due to arbitrary increases in