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We provide Financial Advisors with single and multi-factor index portfolios, ETF rotation model, trading, back office support, performance reporting, and a dedicated support team to help with issues and research.
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Advisors Spend Less Than 20% of Their Time Meeting Clients

A recent study by Kitces research indicates that Financial Advisors are spending more time on administrative task then meeting with their clients. Dedicating this amount of time on day-to-day minutia provides little time to meet and nurture client relationships. Find out why Outsourcing your Portfolio Management is good for your practice and can lead to increased AUM by downloading our free white paper.

Featured White Paper: 5 Reasons Why Portfolio Outsourcing Is Good For Your Practice

Outsourcing your clients’ portfolios to third-party managers is a big step, and not one that suits every advisor. However, going this route can help free you up to pursue big-picture projects or take on more clients. With the knowledge and experience that third party managers bring to the table, you can increase efficiency and bolster your position as a financial advisor.


You Nurture Clients. We Do the Heavy Lifting.

Spend more time helping clients and speaking with prospective investors while we build model portfolios, provide investment strategies, and handle all of the heavy lifting.

Global Beta understands the value of time and how financial advisors can never have enough of it. Resources are tight and client servicing is key. Therefore, Global Beta, offers a suite of model portfolios that you can select and allocate your clients’ assets into. If that does not entirely ease your burden, Global Beta can also offer sub advisor services to handle trading and back office operations. This saves you the time of research and trading strategies, leaving you with the ability to meet with clients and prospects – allowing you to grow your business. Here’s what you can expect from Global Beta Advisory:

Portfolio Creation

Our comprehensive model analysis provides key observations that we believe will enable advisors to validate and create portfolios that are in line with their clients' goals.

Performance Reporting

Timely performance reporting and investment analysis both on their strategy and the current macro marketplace environment. This value-added service enables your firm to generate reports based on a defined list of accounts or portfolios to meet advisor and client needs.


Discretionary trading for the client with over 30 combined years of investment and trading experience as well as networks to over 20 different broker-dealers around the world.

Support Team

Our network of dedicated people, proven processes and state-of-the-art technology assist you in day-to-day operations so that you can spend more time focusing on your clients.

Academic Research

Our approach to investing incorporates findings from academic and Nobel-prize winning research. It is sophisticated, yet straightforward. We believe that successful investment management starts with a clear understanding of the purpose of investing and the application of investment theory that is validated by empirical observation.

Process Matters: Why Advisors Partner with Global Beta Advisory

Clients & Prospects First

Our team absorbs the administrative minutia, back office responsibilities, and portfolio management. This enables you to spend the bulk of your time speaking with clients and prospects - freeing you up to focus the bulk of your resources on growing your AUM.

Structured Portfolios

Our academic engineered portfolios are built on our belief in market efficiency, broad diversification, structured exposure to risk, and careful management of expenses and taxes. We enable you to make sound investment decisions without spending enormous amounts of time on research and implementation.

Tools & Relationships

We have networked with several banks around the world and have access to their order management system, making on-boarding both seamless and worry-free. And our online client portal via Interactive Brokers’ investment platform provides your clients with access to their accounts 24/7/365.

Strategic Partnership. Everything You Need Under One Roof

If you are looking for a scalable way to manage your business and help more clients, our platform and services can enhance your productivity, free up your time and expand your capabilities to deliver a better client experience. Request a complimentary goals analysis to see how we can help you accelerate your growth.

Free eBook:
Science behind Factor Based Investing

A factor-based investing framework integrates factor exposure decisions into the portfolio construction process. The framework involves identifying factors and determining an appropriate allocation to the identified factors. But what are factors? Download our free eBook to learn the science behind factor based investing.

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Perspective: Who’s In The Market’s Driver’s Seat?

Free On-Demand Webinar featuring Vince Lowry and Justin Lowry
In this webinar, we examine the drivers of recent market volatility and what history has taught us. We also look forward into 2019 and examine what investors should expect and where to look for opportunities. Global Beta believes it is important that investors educate themselves on the rotation of the market and not allow emotion to play a factor with their money.

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Insights: Educational Articles, Commentary and Perspectives

At Global Beta, as we analyze the current whip sawing in the market, one thing is very clear to us: the market’s unpredictability has become very predictable. The same beast of algorithmic and index-based fund strategies that has seemingly and endlessly powered the market to new levels, ever since the market bottom in March 2009, has now seemingly become the

The past ten years have produced a remarkable turnaround from the 2008 financial crisis. Unfortunately, the psychological damage that crisis inflicted on investors has resulted in what we believe to be the least loved bull market in history. The U.S. domestic equity markets have led the global markets higher.

The past week between 02/21/20 and 02/27/20 has officially become the worst week for stocks since the financial crisis. In fact, it is the most the S&P 500 index has been down in that span of time. The easiest solution for investors is to liquidate their positions, stuff their cash underneath their mattresses, lock themselves in their house,