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We provide Corporations, Pension/Public Funds, Endowments, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and Foundations – with Single and Multi-Factor Investment Strategies and ETF Rotation Model. Our solutions are managed with the aim to Reduce Risk, Enhance Returns, and Control Costs. Discover what we can do for your Organization.

Our Offer: Why Choose Global Beta Investments?

We offer investment advisory services specifically designed to help institutional clients meet their organization’s financial goals. The entire investment process puts your organization at the forefront, with services and solutions tailored to your unique needs and requirements. Below is what you can expect from Global Beta Investments.

Portfolio Creation

Our comprehensive model analysis provides key observations that enable advisors to validate and position portfolios for optimal performance in line with their clients' goals.


Discretionary trading for the client with over 30 combined years of investment and trading experience as well as networks to over 20 different broker-dealers around the world.

Performance Reporting

Timely performance reporting and investment analysis both on their strategy and the current macro marketplace environment. This value-added service enables your firm to generate reports based on a defined list of accounts or portfolios to meet advisor and client needs.

Support Team

Our network of dedicated people, proven processes and state-of-the-art technology assist you in day-to-day operations so that you can spend more time focusing on your clients.

Academic Research

Our approach to investing incorporates findings from academic and Nobel-prize winning research. It is sophisticated, yet straightforward. We believe that successful investment management starts with a clear understanding of the purpose of investing and the application of investment theory that is validated by empirical observation.

Why consider a Factor Investment Strategy?

Using a factor based strategy can help investors build more efficient portfolios.

Increased Diversification

Implementing a strategy that utilizes multiple factors can produce returns across a range of market conditions.

Create a Dynamic Portfolio

Individual factor performance is cyclical. By combining multiple factors, a portfolio’s focus can be shifted to align with changing market conditions.

Investment Transparency

Factors are often calculated using simple, transparent rules, helping investors achieve their investment goals with an easy to understand strategy.

Portfolio Model Strategies Built on Academics
and Powered by 30 Years of Combined Knowledge

Using our years of experience, extensive academic research, and industry knowledge our team has developed seven different index strategies designed to drive returns for your portfolio.

Global Beta Value/Quality Index

This strategy takes the 100 securities with price-to-sales ratios that fall into the lowest quintile in the S&P 500.

Global Beta Small-Mid Index

This strategy takes the 100 securities with 12-month trailing revenue growth rates that rank in the highest quintile in the S&P 600.

Global Beta Growth/Momentum Index

This strategy takes the 100 securities with Sharpe Ratios (i.e.: risk-adjusted return) that rank in the highest quintile in the S&P 500.

All Cap Multi-Factor Strategy

This strategy rotates the Global Beta Value/Quality index, the Global Beta Growth/Momentum index, the Global Beta Low Beta index, and the Global Beta Small-Mid index tactically.

Global Beta Low Beta Index

This strategy takes the 100 securities with betas that rank in the lowest quintile in the S&P 500.

Global Beta Large Cap Multi-Factor Strategy

This strategy rotates the Global Beta Value/Quality index, the Global Beta Growth/Momentum index, and the Global Beta Low Beta index tactically.

The Global Beta All World ETF Rotation Model

Global Beta manages and advises a multi asset class rotation model comprised of exchange traded funds and passively managed index funds.


The process begins with a top down evaluation of global asset classes, which are represented by known indexes or ETF strategies representing indexes. The evaluation determines short term returns of the asset class versus intermediate and long term returns of the asset class. The next step is to determine the effect that valuation of recent returns have on the asset class. We use a proprietary valuation process to determine if the asset class is overvalued or undervalued.


Global Beta believes valuation metrics are generally a leading indicator of an asset class for forward looking return potential. In terms of equities, Global Beta recognizes several factors within an equity index or ETF to measure valuation. Those factors include size, value, quality, growth, momentum and volatility. In terms of fixed income, Global beta recognizes risk category, credit spreads, duration risk, and negative convexity risks.


Once our proprietary valuation analysis is complete, we select the optimal ETFs to represent the global asset allocation exposure for a client’s portfolio. Finally, we select the weighting of each ETF within the total portfolio. We monitor the efficacy of the portfolio daily and make rebalance decisions on circumstances that arise from the market. This strategy has over a 9-year live track record with roughly $450 million in assets tracking the model from the Pennsylvania Treasury Department.

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