Independent Investment Advisor

This category of investors are those who have set up their own investment advisory firm and are trying to grow their client base.  These investors are highly sophisticated but their resources may be tight with a strong need to spend time soliciting clients and spending time with current clients.  Global Beta offers a simply solution to this clientele:


Global Beta networks with several banks around the world into their order management system, so onboarding will be seamless.


Alternatively, Global Beta can license their strategies to the client at a very low cost:  Global Beta understands the value of time when running a small to mid sized business.  Resources are tight and client servicing is key.  Therefore, Global Beta, on a daily basis, can deliver you the portfolio of your desired Global Beta strategy that you can simply allocate client assets into.  If that does not entirely ease your burden, Global Beta can also offer sub advisor services to handle trading and back office operations.  This saves you the time of research and trading strategies, leaving you with the ability to meet clients and grow your business faster and easier.  Here’s what you can expect from Global Beta:

  • -A GIPs verified, low-cost investment solution that has sustainable outperformance over the market


  • Discretionary trading for the client with over 30 years of investment and trading experience as well as networks to over 20 different broker-dealers around the world


  • Timely performance reporting and investment analysis both on their strategy and the current macro marketplace environment


  • A dedicated client service team that can assist with any issues or research the client may have


Please feel free to email or call Global Beta Advisors with the contact information at the top right portion of our website or toggle to the “contact us” menu button at the top of the website.  We would be happy to arrange a conference call, an in person meeting, or a simple email exchange detailing Global Beta’s background and what we can offer.