As we move along in year 11 of the country’s longest ever bull market, it’s fair to wonder when it will end. Below is a list of all the 13 largest bull markets, showing just how impressive the longevity

The investment performance of Yale’s and Harvard’s endowments has drawn interest from other endowments and investors alike, but little research has been done on non-profit endowment performance overall, despite the $700 billion in assets they collectively manage. One recent study, 

Sector Rotation is one of the most popular investment strategies. In this strategy, portfolio capital is re-allocated to different sectors based on various indicators. These indicators can include business cycle indicators, market indicators, trends, momentum and more.

We are now more than half way through 2019, and we believe the theme of this market has been headline risk. The consequence has been volatility in the market, which has made it very difficult for investors to

Smart beta strategies have seen an explosion of interest in the past few years, and the number of smart beta funds has increased dramatically in response. Investing in smart beta is now as easy as buying an index fund.

Factor investing is a strategy that chooses securities on attributes that are associated with higher returns. From a theoretical standpoint, Factor Investing is designed to enhance diversification, generate above-market returns and manage risk. Learn more about Factor Investing by watching

Factor investing uses a set of easily definable characteristics to produce a universe of stocks that meet certain criteria. For instance, the value factor looks at metrics like P/E ratio to find stocks that are priced below that of their

Since our last update, we have seen what we believe to be two key movers in the market have made significant changes: the FOMC has decided to halt raising rates and progress towards a trade agreement with China has significantly

While investors are currently trying to discern the fundamental drivers of the increased volatility in the market, what has been even more noticeable to Global Beta has been the intraday volatility of the market. Unlike a typical market sell off